Divine Mercy - 3 O'Clock Habit

The DIVINE MERCY - 3 O'CLOCK HABIT [DM3PM], also known as the Divine Mercy “Say a Little Prayer” Movement [ DM-SLPM ], a Catholic lay movement, was founded in the Philippines in 1985 by Bro. Don de Castro to answer our Lord’s call to announce to humanity the gospel message of His mercy.


With the support of radio, television and print media, the Movement launched the now widely known “3 O’CLOCK HABIT” – a moment of prayer every 3 o’clock in the afternoon, remembering the passion of our Lord in praying for peace for the whole world. The 3 o’clock prayer is aired daily in different radio and television stations nationwide.


DM3PM’s main objective is to propagate the Message and Devotion to the Divine Mercy and, perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in accordance with the messages revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ to a simple Polish nun, St. Maria Faustina Kowalska [Canonized: April 30, 2000 by Pope John Paul II] of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy.

DM3PM, with absolute trust in the Divine Mercy as its very core, took root in the Philippines, which started in a private home in Quezon City, Metro Manila among a very small group of believers who heard and reflected upon the words of our Lord. Slowly, the words reached other ears and hearts. The founding group, headed by Bro. Don de Castro, and its devotees increased in number. By the grace of God, the message is fast spreading and the devotion is widely practiced by the faithful.


Media is one of the fastest way to reach out to souls to come back to God while it is the time for mercy, and in line with our goal to involve mass media in spreading the message of God’s love and mercy to mankind and to reconcile souls with God, the Divine Mercy Channel [ DMC ] was launched in June 2002, on the 17th year anniversary of the Movement, to be able to reach out to even more souls, which can now be viewed worldwide via video streaming.


DM3PM is a fruit of prayers, faith, love, service and trust. The Lord sustained each one of us with His grace to persevere with patience, humility and trust as we focused our eyes on Him and worked toward our goal. It is in our unworthiness that He called all of us to serve Him. By being one and helping the Movement, we become active partners of the Church in bringing our Lord closer to mankind, as well as bringing mankind closer to our Lord.


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